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So is a Herpes Cure Possible?

Herpes is a very common sexually transmitted infection, both in men and women. It is transmitted by both oral and penetrative sex, a viral infection caused by the Herpes Simplex virus. For a long time, it has been coined as an incurable disease, utterly disturbing to people who have been infected because it significantly lowers their self esteem besides leaving them with a feeling of being hopeless and unclean.

However, research and continued trials have proved that there are multiple natural remedies for herpes, and that the condition can be reversed if patients adhere to the guidelines of these remedies, together with a healthy lifestyle. Some of the natural treatment methods include:


Natural Herpes Cures


Topical treatments

This refers to natural creams that have proved effective in handling herpes. Other than alleviating the outbreak of herpes, these creams also relieve pain and initiate a fast healing process. Tea tree oil, comfrey oil, eucalyptus and aloe Vera are the commonly used creams, which are readily available in health food stores.


Homeopathic treatments

These are treatments which are designed to assist the body in successfully handling the outbreak of herpes. Like creams, they speed up the healing process. They are also sold in health food stores, and common examples include dulcamara, sepia, rhus toxicodendron, natrum muriaticum.


Vitamin C

This is essentially the action of Ascorbic acid, which has been used for a long time to deactivate most of the viruses in vitro. Similarly, it enhances the immune system, and it can significantly accelerate the healing of lesions caused by herpes. Food substances rich in vitamin C should be taken in plenty, because the antiviral effect becomes more pronounced with increasing dosage.



The function of antioxidants is to maintain a healthy immune system and body cells, capable of fighting herpes. Antioxidants can be found in a range of foods and supplements, the most common being pomegranate juice, goji berries and wild berries.



This is a naturally occurring amino acid, which is found in foods or in dietary supplements. It bolsters a person’s immune system to fight herpes, and prevents recurrence of the infection, though its effectiveness differs with regard to different people. The absorption rate of this compound is not uniform, therefore there is no dosage that has been agreed upon for all herpes patients. However, it is suggested that the most reasonable dosage ranges between 500-3000mg each day.

Victims can boost the amount of L-lysine in the body by eating plenty of animal products and legumes, which have an abundance of the compound. Similarly, it is advisable that they reduce the intake of grains and refined sugars because they do not have much of this compound. Overcooking and over-processing of food destroys L-lysine or makes it non-viable, therefore victims should settle for food supplements that are relatively raw.


Manuka Honey

This is a natural type of honey with a high medicinal value, native to New Zealand. It is applied to the affected area, be it around the genitals or the anal region, to fasten the healing process. It has both antiviral and antibacterial properties, a reason why it is a commonly known remedy for healing wounds. In most of the clinical trials involving this natural substance, patients recover quickly from HSV lesions.


Black tea bags

This is a cold sore remedy, one of the simplest yet effective substances in the treatment of viral infections. The active compounds here are tannins, which exist in a very high concentration, and they are known to have both anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects.


Ice packs

Ice packs are effective in soothing the pain that results from sores. The ice packs should not be applied directly, but rather be wrapped in cold/wet tea bags or flannels. They also speed up the process of healing. Lowering the temperature of the surrounding area ensures that the ice packs inhibit activities of the virus.



Some herbs have been known to treat herpes either by inhibiting activities of the virus, or by providing antiviral properties. The commonly used herbs include licorice, lapacho, astragalus, galangal, myrrh, ligustrum and thyme.



Zinc is also a natural compound, which is widely used to combat herpes. Studies indicate that zinc ions inhibit replication of the virus that causes herpes, hence it should be effectively used on the primary infections. Zinc supplements are prepared for use orally while others are applied as topical treatments. However, there are also intravenous injections of the zinc ions, which produce fast results compared to the other types.


Taking alkaline foods

Alkaline foods not only boost the immune system which is required for effective management of herpes but also lower the acidity level in the body. Foods that produce the alkaline state include fresh fruits, whole grains, legumes and protein meats of high quality such as organic chicken as well as fish.


Lemon Balm

Extracts are made from the leaves of lemon balm, to be used as topical treatments for Herpes Simplex. The healing is extremely amazing, and it starts within a period of 72 hours of the application. The cream extracts should be applied twice everyday for fast and lasting results. Patients who use these extracts do not report cases of recurrence, a major problem that has been reported in most herpes treatments.


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